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During this Covid-19 lockdown, people stayed home for too long. Don’t worry! Nangs Queen has prepared party features for you!

We have many different brands of Nangs. Such as Mosa, Aussie Whip, Swag Tank, SSES, Best whip, ISI etc. We also provide balloons, cream whippers at the best price in Melbourne and Sydney. The delivery and customer service are 24/7, you can order at any time and anywhere in Melbourne and Sydney.

The delivery fee starts from $10 within 25-35 minutes premium delivery partner! Our Swag tank is the most popular product, it has 580g which is equal to around 100 – 110 cream chargers. Cost-effective- with it, there will be no dispenser anymore, no annoying cream chargers in the coming day. The Swag tank is made of 100% recyclable steel. There is no sleek build-up or mechanical delayed flavour impression. The triple cleaning process removes residue and impurities with easy installation, guaranteed no oily residue or industrial aftertaste. Manufacturer’s compliance standards & certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 14001, with TUV, NSF, and HACCP. You can get it with the best price and quality cream chargers in Melbourne and Sydney.

We have a variety of cream chargers flavours for your different needs! SSES blueberry, mango, strawberry. Each of them is weighed 8g standard package. We guaranteed no duds or leakage, no oily residue or industrial aftertaste, made of 100% recyclable steel. You can get 20% off when you purchase 100 cream chargers. The discount is from 20% to 50%. You can get 50% off when you purchase 1200 cream chargers.

The best quality of Nangs is these companies we listed on our website, which are ISI, Best whip, SSES, Mosa, Aussie whip etc. They all have different discounts when you purchase

50 Chargers for $50, 100 changers for $80, 150 chargers for $105, 200 chargers for 135$, 300 chargers for $175, 400 chargers for $210, 600 chargers for $290, 1000 chargers for $490, 2000 chargers for $900. The variety of flavours for a different choice. The fastest delivery, the cheapest price. You can also purchase these. Cream charger for your own business. Such as coffee shops or cake making.

You can even change the flavour of your cake or cream. Blueberry and mango are the best two choices in cake making. It has various methods to use. Such as making cake, dessert making, coffee making, cream on top drinks. You can purchase from us to do whatever you want. Customize your own drink or dessert at home with easy steps. The soda water can also add them in to change to different flavours for your soda water.

For the payment methods, we accept cash, PayPal, bank transfer and credit cards. You can choose the most convenient way to pay. The delivery service will be started once you finish your payment, or after you are ordering. You can receive your order after 25-35 minutes. The delivery fee is cheap too, to every corner of Melbourne and Sydney! Please do not hesitate to contact us, keep calm and enjoy your happy time!

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