Best Buy SSES ORIGINAL FLAVOUR Cream Chargers 8g


Each charger is:

  • Filled with certified Linde pure N2O. No oily residues.
  • Silver lacquered to prevent kitchen moisture from causing rust on the top of the charger. Universal (standard 8g screw-in system) fitting – not for Push-Valve (Kisag) system or new 16g system.
  • Filled with pure Linde N2O gas in Mosa’s a state of the art factory.
  • Weighed electronically with no-duds guarantee.
  • Will turn 1/2 litre of whipping cream into up to 1.5litres of whipped cream! Far greater a volume than mechanical whipping.

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  • Standard 8g fitting that is compatible with all of the whipped cream dispensers available to purchase on this site.
  • These bulbs are designed to whip cream using a whipped cream dispenser (cream whipper). These are pure, food-grade N2O.
  • One of these 8-gram cream chargers can whip 0.5 liters of thickened/heavy cream into 1.5 liters (by volume) of fluffy whipped cream.
  • These bulbs are also suitable for whipping other products such as mousses, sauces, etc.. with the right fat content.
  • A high-quality product that is perfect for commercial kitchens, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, and even home use.
  • These bulbs are made of 100% recyclable materials and zinc coated to provide a shiny finish.


Quantity is the number of individual bulbs.

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