1. What exactly is whipped cream charger

What is a Whipped cream charger?


whipped cream charger is a steel cylinder or cartridge filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) that is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser.


The narrow end of a charger has a foil covering that is broken to release the gas. This is usually done by a sharp pin inside the whipped cream dispenser. The nitrous oxide in chargers is also used as an oxidizer in hybrid-model rocket engines.

Nitrous oxide is a popular recreational drug, and whipped cream chargers are a convenient source of gas. Among users, the chargers are colloquially called whippitswhippetsnosnossies, or nangs.

The kitchen appliance that receives the charger is a whipping siphon.


Nitrous oxide is used because it dissolves easily into the cream and does not cause the cream to oxidize while it is in the can.

The cream must have a minimum fat content of 28% to produce whipped cream with a dispenser. The recipe for the cream to be whipped typically calls for heavy cream and sugar, along with any desired flavorings or colorings. In a sealed container, this cream is pressurized with nitrous oxide, which dissolves into the cream as per its lipophilicity.

When the cream dispenser’s valve is opened, the cream solution is expelled by the high pressure inside. The change in pressure causes some of the dissolved gas to return to bubbles, effectively fluffing up the cream. Nitrous oxide is bacteriostatic (it inhibits bacteria growth), so a charged cream dispenser can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


Recreational drug

Because of their availability, chargers are usually the method of choice for users seeking to use nitrous oxide recreationally.[3] Tanks of medical-grade nitrous are difficult to obtain, and auto-grade nitrous contains substances such as sulfur dioxide to prevent human consumption. Chargers are cheaply available in many stores and online.

To inhale from a charger, users either fill a balloon using a cracker, fill an empty whipped cream dispenser and inhale from it, or likewise use a dispenser to fill a balloon as the potentially rapid rush of gas from the spout of the dispenser may be too harsh. Inhaling directly from a cracker is particularly dangerous due to the risk of developing frostbite on the inside of the mouth or esophagus. The 8-gram nitrous oxide steel cylinder charger when discharged into an empty whipped cream dispenser creates a pressure of 30 pounds per square inch (200kPa) and delivers 3.24 litres of nitrous oxide gas.

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